Callie Gaston

Opera Prelude: Mozart's Masterful Characterisation

A focus on his female roles

Tuesday 21 May 2019, 10:30

Venue: Caversham Room at Cadogan Hall

Past Event
Opera Prelude: Mozart's Masterful Characterisation Past Event


Callie Gaston (soprano)
accompanied by Natalie Burch

In his short 35-year life, this musical genius wrote melodies which are still celebrated 350 years later. Mozart had more than just musicality – he understood how to create distinct characters with his music. He was able to take any character from the libretto and imbue them with a distinct voice. His ability to inject their personality with very real emotions helped capture the individual’s spirit, and these emotional truths are why the characters are still relevant today.

This lecture will focus on Mozart’s female roles and we will delve into his own life for the composer’s inspiration. Ahead of his time, Mozart’s women are far more nuanced than simply pawns in a man’s world. Who inspired the savvy Susana? The heart-wrenching emotion of Dove Sono at the Countess’ betrayal or the coquettish charm of Zerlina?

Come and join us for a morning basking in the beauty of Mozart’s soprano arias, whilst we examine how Mozart delivers his nuanced characters and how he may have been inspired to pen them.

Duration: approx. 2 hours

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