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Wednesday 1 February 2023, 19:30

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Riopy is a pianist and composer who wants to change the world, one note at a time.

Born in rural France, his mother left home with him when he was six months old, eventually joining a cult, where family ties were discouraged and obedience to the head guru was paramount.

Deprived of any outside culture, young Jean-Philippe taught himself to play on an abandoned piano when he was two, making up songs in his head, then performing them. Riopy was drawn to the piano as it allowed him to focus on creating music from scratch, quiet his mind from his OCD anxieties and to retreat into his own private world.

‘I understood tones, sounds and numbers, because I’d always been counting,’ he says. ‘Playing piano was the only place I felt safe. I discovered something new every time I sat down at the piano. It was the only thing I enjoyed doing. And even if I wasn’t at the piano, I’d play music in my head to cope with stress.’

After ten years of travels and many fateful encounters, such as Chris Martin giving him a piano, Riopy began to compose for cinema and adverts, but he still faced the struggle of chronic depression. This vulnerability emerged in the music of his first two albums, RIOPY and Tree of Light, which became successes worldwide, powered by personal recommendation and word of mouth.

His music has reached 450 million streams worldwide, and now he’s excited by the release of his new album [extended] Bliss on Warner Classics.

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