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Access Scheme

Welcome to Cadogan Hall’s Access Scheme

Our Access Scheme is in place to help you to:

  • book wheelchair seats online
  • access free personal assistant (companion) seats for performances you wouldn’t be able to attend without another person to assist you
  • gain bespoke advice about how and where to book seats and access to the venue

How does it work?

When you book at ticket at Cadogan Hall, our Box Office system creates a customer account for you so that we have a record of your booking, and your contact details in case we need them. When you join the Access Scheme, this customer account will be supplemented with information about your access requirements. This helps us to give you the best possible service including advising you on where best to sit, and enabling you to access online booking for wheelchair spaces and free personal assistant seats where necessary.

How can I join?

You can join the scheme by:

Once we have received your application and supporting documentation, the Box Office will contact you to confirm your membership of the Access Scheme and to provide you with information and advice about how to book.

(Please note: our previous Access Scheme has now closed and you will need to re-apply to join the new Scheme. However, bookings made via our old Access Scheme will remain valid.)

Apply Online

How do I apply for access to a free personal assistant (companion) ticket?

If you have applied for free personal assistant tickets, we will ask for supporting documentation to confirm this requirement. Once you have provided us with this supporting documentation and the Box Office has confirmed your membership of our Access Scheme, you will be able to book an additional personal assistant ticket over the phone or online (subject to availability). (While we verify your account, we can reserve seats for you for up to 2 weeks, or 2 days before a performance, whichever arrives sooner.)

We accept the following documentation:

  • Front page of Disability Living Allowance (Medium / Higher rate)
  • Front page of Attendance Allowance letter (no specific rate required)
  • Front page of Personal Independence Payment entitlement (no specific rate required)
  • Evidence of registered severely sight impaired
  • Recognised Assistant Dog ID card
  • CredAbilityAccess Card (with +1 icon)

Please provide us with supporting documentation in one of the following ways:

  • photograph or scan them and upload them when you apply online
  • photocopy and post a copy to us at: Cadogan Hall Box Office, Sloane Terrace, London, SW1X 9DQ

Please feel free to blackout any information that relates to amount of benefits paid or health conditions etc. that might be on any documents submitted. Once verified, we will securely destroy any copies of this documentation.

We recognize that the evidence above might not include everyone that has an access requirement. If you do not have any of the above forms of evidence, please note we will assess each application on a case by case basis. Please ring our Box Office on 020 7730 4500 to discuss further.

We ask for evidence to ensure that we are able to provide free personal assistant tickets to those that need them, and to protect the number we are able to offer to our patrons.

What is a free personal assistant seat?

A free ticket for a personal assistant is available for any D/deaf or disabled person who has purchased a ticket to an event and would be unable to attend without the help of their personal assistant. Personal assistant tickets must be applied at the time of booking and cannot be issued retrospectively.

The personal assistant must be able to assist the D/deaf or disabled person to access the venue and its facilities, remaining with them to ensure their wellbeing and comfort. Anyone designated as a personal assistant must be physically able to assist the person they are with, to leave the building in an emergency.

Can I join on behalf of someone else?

Absolutely. We’ll ask if you’re creating the account on behalf of someone else.

How do you look after my information?

We will securely hold your details including your name and address on our box office system in order to facilitate future bookings. Your access requirements will be listed on your customer record on our box office system. You will be able to amend your details with us in person, on the phone or by logging into your account online. Any evidence submitted to us for verification will be destroyed once checked. You can ask to be removed from the Access Scheme and/or the box office system at any time. View our privacy policy for more details.

We will ask you to re-register every three years. You will be enrolled on our Access Scheme for three years, after which we will ask you to confirm or update your details when you next book.

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